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Quizzicle is here! A game for real people. Each one of us is knowledgeable in many areas such as love, history, geography, surroundings, wildlife , insects, business, science, animals etc. Its time to challenge your friends and find out who can outsmart all and stand out in the crowd with the most knowledge in trivia.

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Variety of topics to be enjoyed over four different type of games, never letting you run out of fun.


More than a quiz game, trivia game or just a brainteaser; it balances by introducing different kind of strategies with varied plots and diversified knowledge base.


Travel the journey with people of the same interest while collecting achievements.

Features You can compete with your friends or decide to play alone. The preference is yours. Never forget that it is always fun to check where you stand among your friends or show them where you stand.

Over and over

Quizzicle is a game of strategy. It is not a one time win game. You can play in many ways to beat your friends by discovering where your friends are weak.


The levels are aesthetically presented to make the challenge more enjoyable and fun while you get ahead of your friends.

Across cultures

Preserves the very nature of quizzes, trivia games and brain teasers that exists across cultures and backgrounds.

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So what are you waiting for? Download Quizzicle now and begin challenging your friends!

Why Quizzicle? Quizzicle provides a game of reality, engaging you in ways that you engage and live your life; diversified and topics covering numerous areas. The brainteaser, the kind of amusement that’s tailor made for real people.


For those interested in learning knew knowledge, you can do so by making sure you know your answers well by replaying and beating your opponents. Travel the journey with people of the same interest while collecting achievements.

  • Several levels to be enjoyed
  • Realtime friends score
  • Different games in one
  • Entertaining

Hundreds of specialized topics to give you a jolt.

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Quizzicle is crafted in such a way that you can enjoy playing anywhere you find yourself to be. Most of the Quizzicle lovers find themselves enjoying Quizzicle while they are home or when they are commuting and in ways and places one can hardly imagine. You will find yourself improving if you could enjoy atleast a level a day by perfecting your score. Why wait, try it for yourself now!

THE REAL DEAL Quizzicle is carefully crafted game keeping you in mind. The experience you deserve, the right kind of enjoyment boosting your everyday lives.

Special FEatures

Each game of Quizzicle is designed in a way to trigger and train different aspects of cognitive skills.
  • Improve focus
  • Processing speed
  • Spelling skills
  • Memory
  • Improve general knowledge
  • Motivation
  • Challenge
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